How to set up Oculus with the Unity editor

Getting the Oculus Quest up and running with the Unity editor properly allows you to rapidly iterate on your projects without the need to build and deploy for every little change. This can save a lot of time and make development much more enjoyable.

Base requirements:

  • An Oculus headset (Quest 1 or 2, or Rift)
  • A recent version of Unity installed (2019+)
  • A USB 3 cable

Requirements for Oculus Link:

  • A computer with a supported graphics card that meets the minimum system requirements (Oculus Link Compatibility)
  • A high quality USB 3 cable to connect to the headset

Requirements if your computer doesn’t support Oculus Link:

Oculus Link Instructions:

To get the Oculus headset working with the Unity editor so you can interact with your project when hitting the play button, use the following instructions:

  1. Install the latest Oculus Desktop software
  2. Install any Oculus updates on the headset
  3. Connect your headset via USB 3 to your computer
  4. Accept the “Oculus Link” prompt in the headset (or in the headset, go to Settings/Quick Actions/Oculus Link) to connect Oculus Link
  5. The Oculus Home scene should now load, as opposed to the Oculus Quest Home
  6. Open your project in Unity
  7. From the package manager, install the XR Plugin Management package
  8. Under Edit/Project Settings… go to the XR Plug-in Management section
  9. Enable just the Oculus setting under the Desktop platform tab
  10. In a blank scene, right click on the Hierarchy and choose XR/Convert Main Camera to XR Rig
  11. Hitting the play button should now show the blank scene in your headset and allow you to look around
  12. Success!

Instructions if your computer doesn’t support Oculus Link:

If your computer doesn’t support Oculus Link. Perhaps it has an older, unsupported graphics card, follow the steps here to install and setup Riftcat.

Riftcat is an alternative approach to Oculus Link and should allow you to run your Unity project in the editor just like with Oculus Link if setup correctly.