Set up MRTK for Unity

Adding MRTK to your Unity project

Here’s a great guide to get started with adding MRTK to Unity to use for your projects.

It’ll walk you through:

  1. Import MRTK packages into your Unity project
  2. Switching your Unity project to the target platform
  3. Add and configure MRTK with a new scene

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Circuit Stream’s doc is way better :slight_smile: HoloLens 2 Setup Guide - Prepare your HoloLens 2 for Development in Unity | Circuit Stream


Is anyone here who could tell me if the MRTK works on a MacOS machine running Win 10 (after using Bootcamp)?

Hey, @Berenice. It is definitely possible. You can even use the emulator to test the app this way.

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Thank you, Jerry!

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