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Hi there, and welcome to XR Forum. This will be the primary place for our community to connect with industry experts, and ask/answer/search technical questions related to XR (AR, VR, MR – you name it!).


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    • yet another sub item

Forum Structure
There are six main categories: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Development, Design, Scripting, and Dev Tools & SDK.

Each category have a number of subcategories as follows:

  • Development: Engine Design, Networking, Audio, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Controls, Optimization, Modding/Data-Driven Systems
  • Dev Tools & SDK: Unity, Unreal, UnityMARS, ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia Engine, ARFoundation
  • Augmented Reality: MagicLeap, HoloLens, LiDAR, Mobile
  • Virtual Reality: Oculus, WebXR, Hand Tracking & Interaction, 360 Tours, Locomotion & Movement
  • Coding/Scripting: C#
  • Design: Shaders/Lighting, UI, Sound Design, Animation

In addition to categories, forum posts can also be categorized by use of tags. A forum post can have up to 3 tags added by the poster.